Terms and Conditions
Do you have a new business idea or a way of improving on an old business idea? Whether your idea is online or offline we would like to hear about it. There are millions of ideas thought about each day that never see the light of day and we want to help change that. Please use the form to your left to submit your business idea to us today. Don't wait to start your dream!

How do I submit my business idea?

Simply fill out the form to your left. Please include all detail that you can think of. Remember the more information we have about your idea the better understanding we will have. But please keep it to the important points.

Once I submit my business idea what happens?

We get thousands of business ideas submission each week. After we review each individual submission we will contact you with more questions. This is not a yes/no type of process. We want to understand your business idea thoroughly.

If you like my business idea what happens?

If we like your business idea then the next step is figuring out how to launch your idea. Typically you will become a 15 percent profit share partner in the project while we foot the development and marketing bill.

What if you don't like my business idea?

Generally if you we don't like your business idea it probably hasn't been developed enough for our taste. Don't stop here. Refine your idea and re-submit it. We might even help you along the way to refine it.

Will I make any money?

Obviously this answer will vary depending on your business idea. Sometimes though even if we think an idea is good it may not make a profit. Remember we are taking all of the financial risk so if your idea is a hit yes you will make money. If your idea is a flop though we will lose money.